The Dulceology Story

Welcome to Dulceology! We are a women owned and operated small bakery with a dedicated focus to creating authentic and beautiful Latin inspired desserts made from our traditional family recipes. What started out as a hobby and passion for quality desserts has grown into a full-time retail bakery that against all odds opened amid a worldwide pandemic in mid-September 2020.



Me and my sister were born and raised in El Salvador to a chef mother and a father who designed and manufactured foodservice equipment. Thus, you can pretty much say we grew up surrounded with commercial kitchens and really good food.

After a devastating earthquake in 2001, our parents made the difficult decision of leaving behind our homeland, our big family and our father's small business to seek a safer future. From one day to the next, we were saying goodbye to our friends, and loved ones. We flew overseas with nothing but a suitcase each and an unknown future ahead. 

After living in the US for a few years, we realized we could not find authentic and quality baked cakes and desserts like the ones we used to enjoy. We began baking with our mother at a young age, making our own cookies and birthday cakes. Our mother taught us that food tastes better when made with love, free from preservatives, and artificial ingredients. 


Nicole is a self-taught pastry chef who has worked in the hospitality industry since the age of 15. In 2013 they opened their first online Etsy shop dedicated to Alfajores to continue to support themselves throughout college. Although originally starting out as a Biology major because her love for science she later enrolled in a Hospitality Management program at Montgomery College which taught her how to become a better food service manager and entrepreneur.

In 2016, Nicole discovered she had developed a gluten sensitivity. Heartbroken at the news, she went on to create her own gluten-free recipes which she uses for Alfajores, chocolate chip cookies and cakes. 

She loves trying new recipes, doing baking experiments and furthering her knowledge of baking.

Alejandra is an entrepreneur at heart, passionate about all things in design and a lover of plants. She graduated from Towson University and recently finished her Masters Degree from George Washington University (20') in Interaction Design.

 Team Picture

Meet the Dream Team- From left to right (Nicole, Brenda, Liseth, Alejandra and Keiry)

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